One Step Deer Posts & Fencing

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Keep Deer out with One Step! One Step Deer Fence posts are easy to install with just the step of your foot. “Y” brackets at the top and along the post hold the netting in place while installing and keep it from slipping or sagging over time. The 7′ fence with angled design takes advantage of a deer’s poor depth perception… if a deer can’t tell how deep it is, they won’t jump! Netting and plastic ties not included.



One Step Deer Fence Posts provide a 7′ angled barrier to prevent deer from entering your yard or garden. The angled post is designed specifically to discourage deer from jumping over the fence. Because deer have poor depth perception, if they can’t tell how deep something is, they won’t jump it!

One Step Deer Posts are made of a 1/2″ metal round rod and are powder-coated for durability. Each post comes in 2 – 4’sections that easily fit together. The unique base design, allows you to push the posts into the ground with just the weight of your body. And the anchor holds the posts secure. Our signature “Y” at the top and side of each post holds the netting in place.

Dark color and narrow post profile blend into landscape and allow you a nearly unobstructed view of the nature beyond the fence.

Posts are purchased individually. Netting is sold separately in 100′ sections (7′ height)

  • 7′ Deer Posts are sold 4 to a package
  • Netting and plastic ties not included
  • Instruction sheet

Additional information

Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 48 in


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