Temporary Fencing Installation Tips:

Installing Temporary Fencing on Uneven Ground

Unfortunately, many of us don’t have that perfectly flat yard. There are hills and dips and the dreaded mole hills.

If you’re having trouble navigating these obstacles when installing your One Step Fencing Temporary Fence, there are a few easy steps you can take to help make it easier.

Main Tip: install posts, then secure the netting to the posts as you go. If you try to run the netting between all the posts before securing with the included plastic ties, the netting can pop off the top as it hits the higher ground.

Place the plastic tie securely at the top and bottom of the post before connecting it to the next post. It sometimes helps to run the bottom tie beneath the “h” shaped anchor and then through the netting. This will help hold the netting down securely to the base.

Use U shaped landscape staples to help hold the netting down in strategic areas along the fence. We suggest at least 2 staples between posts. Do this as you go. These staples will also help if you have small pets who like to nose under the netting.

Enjoy and share some of your tips with us!