Buy One Step Fencing™ Products today!

One Step Fencing™ products are designed for easy, no-tools set up and durability. All of our posts “step” into the ground with just the press of your foot. No tools mean faster installation and more time for you to do the things you enjoy most! Consider each of our products and check back frequently. We have more great “One Step” products on the way!

One Step Temporary Fencing™ Kits are Ideal for protecting gardens, containing small pets, corralling leaves for easier cleanup, keeping geese at bay, setting up a barrier across driveways and other areas so small children stay safe, protecting new sod or seeded lawns, and so much more! Each kit contains everything needed for a 50′ temporary fence. Need to protect a larger area? Purchase two or more kits and link them together.

One Step Deer Fence Posts™ is the best! Since it is a One Step Product, you won’t have to use tools to install. Our deer posts are streamlined, durable and designed with a special angle that keeps deer out! Protect your landscaping and your view with One Step Fencing! It comes in a kit as well!

Please note: we ship only to the contiguous US states. Any orders outside this area will not be fulfilled.