One Step Temporary FencingTM


  • gardens
  • leaf retention
  • snow block
  • camping
  • small pets
  • pedestrian barrier
  • vehicle control
  • driveway barrier
  • and more!

No Tools… No Slipping…

No Sagging… No Sweat!

Installs in minutes


Need a quick, easy temporary fence? Until now, temporary fencing required awkward posts that often broke or were difficult to hammer into the ground. One Step  FencingTM has taken care of that problem – and more!  Quite simply, we offer two of the easiest and best temporary fence kit you can buy! One Step Temporary Fencing™ is our premium kit and features post and netting all made in the North America. Temporary Fence in a Box features the same great posts and imported netting to offer products at two price point options.

  • Everything you need is included in the kit
  • Posts are designed to press into the ground with one step of your foot.
  • The unique “Y” notch at the top of each post holds fencing in place as you attach it, and keeps it there – no slipping or sliding down the posts.
  • Plastic ties secure fencing to posts so it stays put until you decide to take it down.
  • Light weight, easy, quick to install and reusable!
  • Made in the USA.


With one simple step

Step post into position

With one simple step, you quickly anchor fence post into the ground. No struggling to hold the post… no tools… no sweat!

loop the one step fence through the unique notch at the top of each post

Hang Fencing on “Y” Notch

Quickly loop the fencing through the unique “Y” notch at the top of each post. This securely holds the fencing in place as you install, and keeps it from slipping down the post over time.

secure one step fence with provided plastic ties

Secure Fence With Ties

After hanging the fencing, attach it to the posts with the plastic ties provided in the kit. This keeps the fence secure and looking good.

One Step Temporary Fencing Kit™
  •  8 One Step™ Posts
  •  50′ Green USA made Netting
  •  Plastic Ties
  •  Instructions

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Fence in a Box
  •  8 One Step™ Posts
  •  50′ Green Import Netting
  •  Plastic Ties
  •  Instructions

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Tomato Cage Kit
  •  4 Posts
  •  2 Strips of Netting
  •  Plastic Ties
  •  Instruction Sheet

Coming Soon!

Deer Fencing
  •  8′ Deer Posts Sold Individually
  •  Netting Sold Separately
  •  Plastic Ties Included
  • Instruction sheet

Coming Soon!

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Protect & Direct

makes great garden fencing

GARDEN FENCE… Wrap One Step Temporary FencingTM around your gardens to deter pets and animals (even the human kinds) from trampling and eating your fresh plants and vegetables.

LEAF RETENTION… Need to keep your leaves in one place while you rake? One Step Temporary FencingTM is a great leaf containment system. It’s quick and easy to set up and the 36″ fence height is tall enough to prevent the wind from scattering the leaves back across your yard.

CAMPING… Take One Step Temporary FencingTM camping to deter curious creatures or to provide a temporary dog run for you favorite pets. It’s also a great way to set up safe boundaries for small children.

SNOW BLOCKOne Step Temporary FencingTM can be set up as a temporary snow block to keep snow from creeping into unwanted areas.

DRIVEWAY GUARD… Set up your One Step Temporary FenceTM as a barrier at the end of your driveway to keep young children or balls from entering the street. Works on hillsides too.

PEDESTRIAN AND VEHICLE CONTROL… Our light-weight temporary fence serves as the perfect means to block people or cars from entering unwanted areas, or to help direct traffic flow. Perfect for festivals, sporting events or parties. 

CONSTRUCTIONOne Step Temporary FencingTM can help mark construction sites or prevent people or vehicles from hitting potholes or other dangerous areas.

AND MOREOne Step Temporary FencingTM is light weight, portable and reusable. It can easily be used for so many applications. Help us to discover more. Go to our Facebook page and show us how you use One Step Temporary FencingTM, then share it with your friends!